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🌟 Elevate Your Journey: Unlock Your Potential After 35! 🌟 Congratulations on embracing the wisdom that age brings and choosing to embark on a new chapter of your fitness and wellness journey. Welcome to a transformative experience tailored to your unique needs – a journey where accountability, guidance, and breakthroughs converge. You've already shown dedication and commitment on your path to better health, and now it's time to take that commitment to the next level. I'm honored to be your partner in this adventure, as we work together to redefine your limits and rediscover your potential. In this program, we recognize that every individual's journey is distinct. That's why we'll begin by delving into your fitness history, goals, and any challenges you've faced. By understanding your journey thus far, we can craft a dynamic strategy that aligns with your aspirations, respects your body's unique responses, and nurtures sustainable growth. No more one-size-fits-all approaches – this is about personalization and progress. Accountability is the cornerstone of your success. Breaking through plateaus requires consistent effort and unwavering dedication. As your dedicated coach, I'm here to offer not only guidance but also to hold you accountable to the promises you make to yourself. Through regular check-ins, progress assessments, and data-driven insights, we'll celebrate your victories and troubleshoot any setbacks, all while maintaining a steady course towards your goals. This isn't just about your physical transformation – it's about cultivating a resilient mindset that empowers you to conquer new challenges. You've already proven your commitment, and now it's time to embrace your potential. Together, we'll explore advanced training methodologies, refine your nutrition strategy, prioritize recovery, and harness the power of your mindset to break through barriers you once thought were insurmountable. Life is a journey, and your fitness journey is no exception. By choosing to step into this transformative experience, you're affirming your dedication to self-improvement, growth, and vitality. Your age becomes a badge of experience, a testament to your resilience, and a canvas upon which we'll paint your success story. If you're ready to leave those plateaus behind, to conquer new peaks, and to embark on a journey that's both physically challenging and mentally invigorating, I invite you to take this step forward. Let's work together to sculpt a version of you that's stronger, healthier, and more vibrant than ever before. Your breakthrough is just around the corner – are you ready to seize it? Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Plan Includes

  • Premier Level Coach

  • Custom Training Program

  • 2x/Week Workout File Analysis In Carbon PNW App

  • Up To 2 Hours Per Month Of Phone/Video Calls

  • Unlimited Text/Email Communication With 24 Hour Responsiveness

  • Unlimited Training Plan Adjustments

  • Program Options:

  • Weight Loss

  • Mass Builder

  • Xtreme Shred

  • Hybrid

  • Road and Trail Running

  • *Excludes Contest Prep

How it works

  • I believe that the journey to exceptional results requires a strong commitment from both sides. To ensure the highest level of effectiveness and success, my selection process is designed to bring together individuals who are truly dedicated to their fitness and wellness transformation. Here's how it works:
  • 1. Initial Inquiry:
  • When you express interest in working with me, you'll be required to fill out a detailed questionnaire. This step allows me to gain insights into your goals, challenges, medical history, and your current fitness regimen. Understanding your motivations, limitations, and aspirations helps me determine if we're a good fit to embark on this journey together.
  • 2. Discovery Call:
  • If your initial inquiry aligns with my coaching philosophy and approach, we'll schedule a discovery call. This call is an opportunity for us to have a more in-depth conversation. I'll ask you further questions about your fitness history, lifestyle, preferences, and any specific roadblocks you've encountered. Likewise, you can ask me any questions you have about my coaching style, methods, and what you can expect from the program.
  • 3. Goal Alignment:
  • During the discovery call, we'll also discuss your long-term and short-term goals. This is a crucial step as it helps us determine whether our aspirations are aligned and if my expertise can genuinely contribute to your journey. I'm dedicated to working with individuals who are passionate about achieving meaningful goals and are willing to put in the effort required.
  • 4. Program Customization:
  • If both parties feel that we're a great fit, and you're committed to the process, I'll create a personalized fitness and wellness program tailored to your specific needs, goals, and any constraints. This program will encompass various aspects, including workout routines, nutrition plans, recovery strategies, and mindset cultivation.
  • 5. Mutual Commitment:
  • Before we officially begin the coaching journey, we'll establish a mutual commitment. This commitment involves agreeing to the expectations, responsibilities, and communication channels that will ensure our collaboration is as productive and supportive as possible.
  • 6. Ongoing Accountability and Support:
  • Throughout the program, we'll have regular check-ins, progress assessments, and adjustments to the plan as needed. The journey is dynamic, and I'm committed to keeping you on track, motivated, and accountable for the actions necessary to achieve your goals.
  • 7. Continuous Evaluation:
  • As we progress, we'll regularly evaluate your results and the effectiveness of the program. This ongoing evaluation ensures that we're staying aligned with your goals and making necessary adjustments for optimal results.
  • Please understand that my selection process is designed to ensure that both you and I are fully invested in the journey ahead. If, at any point, we find that our collaboration isn't achieving the desired results, I'll work with you to make the necessary adjustments or provide guidance on alternative paths that might better suit your needs. Your commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm are key to making this journey a transformative and successful one.
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